Bet365 Review

  •  Different bonuses
  •  Different payment methods
  •  High odds
  • Good range of casino games
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Bet365 is one of the biggest gambling platforms in the world. People from around the globe have used this platform and have appreciated the dedication that Bet365 has towards providing one of the best gambling experiences. They have a top-notch security and games which keep people engaged.

This is the reason why Bet365 can boast of a huge customer base. Having players from around the world demands that the platform have something which makes it stand apart. These factors are the great bonuses and the wide range of games that are available to the customer.

The live platform is also to die for. All these details make Bet365 the largest gambling platform in the world.

Welcome Offers at Bet365 Casino

Bonuses are what drive people to indulge in any gambling platform. They give that initial push to a player and help them to move further and further towards the goal of making more money. At Bet365, the bonuses are splendid and out of this world. They involve and indulge the customers to such an extent that they cannot shake off the adrenaline rush.

Bet365 gives a special welcome to brand new players who join their site. They give them a bonus of Rs. 10,000 upon joining, which is a huge deal. The only requirement is a deposit of Rs. 500 to Rs, 1,000. Such a deal is extremely rare in the gambling world. One must type in BONUS100 to avail this special bonus and then reap the benefits.

They do not leave out the people who have a penchant for sports betting. By typing in SPRT364, one can get a bonus for betting on sports in the month of September. This also acts as a joining bonus for new players who have a knack for sports.

VIP and Loyalty Program

The loyalty program run by Bet365 is for regular players, who keep playing games on the site. These programs help incentivize people and makes them keep coming back for more. Someone who places bets daily gets a real advantage out of these programs.

bet365 promotions

The loyalty program is not specific. The only specific rule is that the more the frequency of the bets that one places, the more bonuses they can avail. These bonuses can be of any type and in any range, but they will be beneficial for the player. The only catch in this situation is that if one keeps betting the minimal amounts required, the bonuses allotted will be of less frequency.

Cricket Betting at Bet365

Being one of the biggest bookmakers in the world, Bet365 gives you the chance to bet on a different number of sports. Upon creating an account, you get to see all the options and are also provided with the ability to mark your favorite games with a star.

Our main concern however when testing out the bookmaker was to see how they fared when it came to cricket. At first glance, you are bowled over (pun intended) by the depth of the market coverage. The depth of the market coverage is also matched by the range of betting options available to you. The number of different bets that you can place on your favorite cricket matches is second to none.

You are also provided with the option of in play betting. Fans of IPL matches will absolutely love this feature and it comes as no surprise that BET365 prides itself on being the king of in play betting. Given the number of games it covers along with the markets and betting options available, we have no problem in awarding the crown of in play betting to the bookmaker. Furthermore, the bookmaker provides you with a range of bets exclusive to live betting. This certainly ups the excitement levels!

bet365 welcome offer

The bookmaker provides some interesting options such as betting on the probability of a super over in an IPL match. Given the rarity of the event, the odds are suitably high at 25/1 meaning that you get payouts up to 26x the bet placed.

With such a diverse range of markets and betting options, Bet365 also offers you with multiple betting options. You can combine up to 14 selections at a time which is enough from our point of view, but experienced punters will no doubt highlight that this Is lower than the average of 20 selections offered by others.

Not all bet types are eligible to be combined into multiple bets. Those bets that are not will be highlighted in red in the slip. To see which bets are eligible, you will need to click the multiple bet options tab in the slip and see which methods are available in the drop-down menu.

There are certain things the bookmaker can do better when it comes to cricket betting. It would be a good idea to allow punters to arrange the bets according to odds either ascending or descending. It would also be good for the bookmaker to be a bit more elaborate with its wagering options. However, these concerns are minute given the overall positive experience the bookmaker provides for cricket betting.

Casino Game Selection at Bet365

Games are everything for customers using a gambling site. They are the reason people engage and indulge in the platform. The success of the games is the success of the platform.

The live versions of the games are also extremely inviting. The feel of having the experience right in front of you is intoxicating. All these factors along with the bonuses and the programs which are run by Bet365 make this site irresistible for someone looking for a good time and trying to test their luck.

Some of the options of these games are as below:

  • Slot Machines

    • A wide variety is offered on slot games by Bet365 for all – men, women, hobby players, and those wishing to play high stakes.Around 90 different slot games are available for players to choose from, which possibly makes for the largest collection one could wish for. Since it caters to a large audience, this is a one stop shop for all kinds of audiences.
  • Jackpot Games

    Bet365 offers a progressive jackpot, which adds up your wins for as long as you play. With live dealers, croupiers, and hundreds of games to choose from, jackpots are an important part of the games offered by Bet365.

  • Roulette Games

    What better way to test your luck than a single roulette game? Bet365 offers live roulette for those who wish to try their luck. It also offers French Roulette.

    The Bet365 casino even has a How-To guide for roulette, to help new players ease into the game. It’s a wonderful way to get started and see if any luck shines your way. Standard European rules are used.

    For more information, you can always refer to this

  • Blackjack

    A classic game preferred by many, Blackjack, and live blackjack are offered by Bet365. For details, you could always read through this. It’s a great way to spend some time to unwind and have fun. Live blackjack even offers 25% cashback, an impossible to resist offer that helps you make up for your losses.

    bet365 live casino

  • Live Casino Games

    • The casino offers several other live games as well, like Barraccat, Dragon Tiger, and Hi-Lo. These games can be played by members at any time.

  • Video Poker Games

    • Many users have reported a slight delay in video poker, but it is still a very popular game on the platform.

Banking Options at Bet365

Several options are available for banking. Some of the most common banking options are:

  • Visa/Visa Debit
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Laser
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • PayPal

These options are easy to use and make the user comfortable. Safety is also taken care of while using these platforms for transactions.

Mobile and Betting App


Mobile applications are a great way of making the whole experience more convenient for people who want it on the go. These apps, if made good, can be a game changer for the platform. It expands the reach and the number of customers coming to the platform.

The application provided by Bet365 is one of the best. It is easy to use and placing bets is convenient. The look is also a mirror image of the site, which is a huge plus point for the customers. The app has received tremendous feedback from the users.

Customer Support

Bet365 has a good customer support base, and 24×7 live chat function, should users ever want anything. They are helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

The only drawback is the amount of time it takes to connect with a customer care executive, which should be improved. Other than that, the customer support is perfect, and they are ever ready to help.

Our Verdict

Bet365 is a casino and betting platform that is capable of catering to a wide range of audiences. We would recommend that you go for it and make use of the amazing welcome bonus while you’re at it.

The fact that you can deposit money and withdraw your wins in Indian Rupees is a huge plus point for this famous platform, especially among the Indian crowd. It’s worth playing and can keep you entertained for a long time.

Title: Bet365 Review

Posted On: 10/12/2019

Author: Tony Willets