Live Cricket Satta Rates

There are some people in the world who are always looking for the next challenge, people who need to indulge in activities that are exciting, dangerous. It is for such thrill seekers that sports betting sites have come up with live cricket betting. Yes, you read that right. You can create accounts with certain bookmakers and bet on matches using their live cricket satta rates.

For those not well versed with the game of cricket might consider it less exhilarating than sports such as football or basketball. However, die hard cricket fans are aware of the unpredictable nature of cricket.

Matches can change in an instant due to factors including team composition, pitch and weather conditions and more. This uncertainty has influence on the live cricket satta rates on offer as well.

This is why live cricket betting is so popular. For some players, the excitement of placing a bet on a live match is well worth the effort of creating an account with a bookmaker. For the experienced punters, playing with live cricket satta rates creates opportunities that otherwise would not be available in a pre-game selection.

The best bit is that you don’t have to go searching for bookmakers that have in play betting. The team at cricketbettingpro has done the research and have outlined two bookmakers that offer live cricket satta rates.

Bookmakers Offering the Best Live Cricket Satta Rates


No surprises here. Often touted as the best cricket betting site globally, BET365 offer plenty of betting options both live and pre-game. We have gone into great lengths in our Bet365 review to explain we consider this to be one of the bookmakers for Indian customers.

From a wide selection of cricket games to bet on (70,000+) to an easy deposit / withdrawal options, we highly recommend you use this site for live betting.

888sports-logo-120x120888 Sport

From one premium bookmaker to another, 888 has been going strong for more than two decades. Having moved over to HTML5 technology, 888Sport offer a site that is fast, responsive and easy to use. Like Bet365 they have tons of betting options including in play betting.

How Live Cricket Betting Works

Don’t let the term ‘live betting’ scare you, it is very similar to normal betting. The difference being that you will be required to refresh the bookmaker’s screen to view the updated live cricket satta rates. Some wont even require you to do that and will update the odds in real time.

Another thing you will notice is that once odds for a particular cricket match are made available from one bookmaker, the other bookmakers are likely to follow suit very quickly. This gives you the perfect opportunity to go hunting for the best cricket odds.

Live Cricket Satta Rates | Types of Bets Available

The type of markets and their subsequent live cricket satta rates are dependant on the live changes in the match. India might start off favourites in a match, but quick loss of wickets might till the favour in their opponents and the odds will change to reflect that. The type of in play bets you can make include highest scoring batsmen, best bowlers, top score overall in first innings and so on.

Live Cricket Satta Rates |Tips

Know the Game

This goes without saying for any sport that you wish to bet on whether it normal of live betting. The more in-depth knowledge you possess of the games and its rules, the better judgement you can exercise while placing a bet.

Know the Teams

India World Cup Cricket Team

Like any cricket mad Indian, we expect you to know the national squad inside out. However, start extending your knowledge to other teams, leagues and you will be able to place bets on a huge variety of matches.

The amount of cricket that is being played globally is at an unprecedented level and the more you know about the teams, the better bets you will be able to place.

Watch the Match

Watching Cricket

The best way to undertake live betting is to watch the match live as well. As a spectator you might be able to pick up on certain occurrences during the match that can help you win bets.

For example, despite losing early wickets, a flurry of boundaries from Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli can demoralise the opposition and swing the momentum in their favour.

Similarly, a few quick wickets from Bhumra or Shami can rejuvenate the Indian team which will no doubt affect the live cricket satta rates being offered by the bookmaker.

High Rates Are Not Always the Best

High live cricket satta rates are not always the best because the chance of winning of these odds are low. This makes sense because if the probability of them occurring was high then the bookmaker would be paying out a lot of money and would most likely go out of business soon.

Cricket Odds

Higher odds are mostly set for an unlikely event. An example of this would be odds of Pakistan beating India in a World Cup match. The odds presented will be high because the likelihood of Pakistan winning will be low.

Shop Around

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Always be on the lookout for better live cricket satta rates. As the games are live, the bookies might not always come up with the best lines. Capitalise on their mistake and bet on the best possible odds available.

Title: Live Cricket Satta Rates

Posted On: 22/05/2020

Author: Tony Willets